Recreation Ecology Research Network Listserv --

Basic Instructions

I. To Subscribe

Send an email to with no subject line and the following message --
    • subscribe rececol YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS
    • (for example: if your email address is, your subscription message should read 'subscribe rececol')

II. To Unsubscribe

There are two different ways by which you can unsubscribe from this listserv.
  • 1) Send the following command in the body of an e-mail message to

  • unsubscribe rececol
  • This option works only if you use the same email address for subscription and unsubscription.
  • 2) If the address you wish to remove from the list is different from the address from which you are sending the message, the command may be written instead as:

  • unsubscribe rececol EMAIL_ADDRESS Replace "EMAIL_ADDRESS" with the e-mail address you want to remove from the list. A confirmation message may be sent to that address or to the list administrators.

III. To Post a Message to the List

Simply send your email message to (i.e., the List Address). ALL subscribers to the RECECOL listserv will receive your message. Please note that for subscription, unsubscription or technical assistance, you MUST NOT send messages to the List Address. Instead, follow the instructions above or in the first portion of the 'welcome' message and use the appropriate email address (i.e., either or

IV. To Stop Receiving Messages Temporaily

To stop receiving mail from this mailing list temporarily (e.g., vacation), send an email to with no subject line and the following message --
    • set rececol nomail
  • Then, when you wish to resume receiving mail from the list, send an email to with no subject line and the following message --
    • set rececol nomail-return
  • You can also tell Majordomo to automatically start sending you mail again after a period of time. For example, if you are planning to travel for 15 days, use the command
    • set rececol nomail-15d
  • If you return early, you can still use the "nomail-return" setting to resume receiving mail anytime.

V. To View the Listserv Archive

Messages posted on this listserv is archived at --

VI. Further Assistance, Questions and Comments

Detailed technical information and instructions of this listserv are available at --